BMRA celebrates 100 Years in Scrap

2019 is a year of celebration for the British Metals Recycling Associations (BMRA) and its members.
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100 years ago, the National Federation of Scrap Iron and Steel Merchants, a predecessor of one of the bodies that formed the BMRA, was established to address changes after World War I that were to significantly increase the impact of government on business.

In the following years, several different trade bodies representing different metal types (ferrous and non-ferrous) and areas in the UK were set up. BMRA itself was formed in 2001 when the British Secondary Metals Association and the British Metals Federation merged in order to better serve the rapidly changing industry.

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Since those early days in 1919, the industry has faced a host of socio-economic, historical and legislative events, including; the Great Depression; the national salvage campaign of WW2; the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 and the Air Weapons Licensing (Scotland) Act 2015; and, of course, Brexit.

To celebrate its centenary, BMRA will be publishing a commemorative book later in the year in partnership with Environmental Media Group (EMG), the publisher of Let’s Recycle and the organiser of the MRE and CARS events.

The book will document and celebrate the rich history of the sector, investigate key issues today and share members’ milestone events. As well as the opportunity to be listed in the directory within the book, members will be able to take out adverts.

“I am honoured to be President of the BMRA at such a significant time in the Association’s history,” said Susie Burrage, President of the BMRA and MD of Recycled Products Limited. “It is very exciting to look back on how the BMRA started and celebrate the achievements of the previous associations.

“2019 will be a challenging year for the industry. We will continue to work tirelessly alongside the various government departments and agencies as a priority and keep metals recycling at the forefront of the circular economy. We are thrilled to see some of our projects come into fruition such as cementing the future of the industry through the Metal Recycling General Operative apprenticeship and the expanding Young British Metals Recyclers group.”

The BMRA will hold a number of celebrations across the year that will culminate at the members Annual Dinner, being held at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London on Friday 22 November.

The book will be launched at the AGM in June.


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