Starlinger provides technology for next CarbonLITE plant

Starlinger recycling technology will deliver PET recycling lines with a total installed capacity of 5.4 tons/hour for CarbonLITE’s new site in Pennsylvania at the end of the year.
A Starlinger recoSTAR PET recycling line for food-grade rPET pellets.

CarbonLITE expands its PET recycling operations with a third plant in Pennsylvania. The site will be equipped with Starlinger recoSTAR PET recycling lines which have a combined throughput of 5.4 metric tons/hour and will process the washed and sorted flakes into food-grade rPET. The lines will cover the whole range of PET material streams, from clear PET flakes and colored flakes up to the recycling of PET fines.

After delivery of PET recycling lines to CarbonLITE’s plants in Riverside, CA, and Dallas, TX, this is the third cooperation between the two companies. “With the first two installations in California and Texas, we have earned CarbonLITE’s trust in our technology,” says Paul Niedl, Commercial Head of Starlinger recycling technology. The new facility will have an annual capacity to convert more than 2 billion post-consumer bottles; full production is expected to commence in early 2020. The addition of the Pennsylvania plant will bring the total number of bottles recycled by CarbonLITE up to 6 billion per year. The company’s main customers are beverage producers who are looking to secure recycled material in close proximity to their bottling facilities in the region.


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