Tomra Sorting Recycling launches Innosort Flake

Tomra Sorting Recycling extends its offering of high-precision flake sorting solutions with the innovative Innosort Flake sensor-based solution that combines color and material sorting, reliably removing PVC, metals and opaque flakes.
Foto: Tomra Sorting Recycling

Tomra Sorting Recycling presented the new Innosort Flake at PRSE (Plastic Recycling Show Europe). Presented under the slogan “Materially different with excellent results”, the  PET flake dual-sensor sorting solution is equipped with the unique combination of RGB cameras and ultra-high resolution NIR sensors from Tomra to sort plastic fractions from 2 to 12 mm by color and simultaneously by polymer types.

Tomra Sorting’s Product Manager Recycling, Valerio Sama, stated: “As the rPET industry is focused on better rates for high-grade outputs, Innosort Flake offers a perfect all-in-one solution for plastic recovery facilities looking to achieve high-quality yields, reduce loss and optimize their operations to improve the cost structures of their business.”

Premium rPET grades with high yields

According to the company Innosort Flake features Tomra’s patented Flying Beam technology. The high speed, high precision NIR sensors enable 2mm polymer recognition, significantly reducing loss of valuable PET flake material, with final losses averaging below 2%. The sensor detects the material properties of a broad range of polymers, so that contaminants such as PVC, PE, PP, PA and POM are eliminated, resulting in higher quality yields. The reliable removal of PVC, metals and opaque flakes results in rPET grades that meet the high quality standards that attract better rates, ensuring greater profitability of the customer’s product output.

Low operating costs and fast return on investment

According to Tomra the continuous calibration feature enables customers to monitor and optimize the performance of their operations on a real time basis. This results in increased stability and less downtime of the system while achieving constant high-quality yield. Additionally, innovative and accurate lighting technology results in up to 70% energy savings and decreases the operating costs. Innosort Flake is offered at attractive conditions which, combined with the low operating costs and high profitability, result – Tomra quotes – in a fast return on the customer’s investment.

With its ultra-high resolution, specialized sensor configuration and throughput rates up to 4.5 t/h, Innosort Flake proves that quality yields and high throughput can be easily attained.
Innosort Flake has already proved successful in the Chinese market, where it was launched in September 2018, with customers appreciating the high purity, low loss rate and high throughput.

Innosort Flake extends Tomra’s offering of high-precision sorting solutions, which include the award-winning Autosort Flake, the first to successfully and simultaneously combine detection of color, enhanced material information and metal objects. These extremely effective systems optimize flake sorting applications and ensure minimal downtime.


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