New pre-shredder for light packaging processing

At the beginning of 2019, a new processing plant with 6,000 m² of factory space was put into operation at company Hubert Eing Kunststoffverwertung GmbH at their site in Gescher.
Pre-Shredder XL3000 at THM`s assembly facility

The goal is to process 100,000 tons of light packaging per year. The new plant is operating in three shifts, with about 20 employees. For this purpose, a new Pre-Shredder type XL3000 from THM recycling solutions GmbH was installed. The decision to use a pre-shredder from THM, was based on many years of experience with THM and its products. Mr. Stephan Eing the managing director of the company Eing finds that the delivery reliability of the company THM and the good quality of the delivered machine is worth mentioning.

Since the introduction of the Dual System Germany (DSD) in 1991 and now for more than 25 years, company Hubert Eing Kunststoffverwertung GmbH is specialized in processing of mixed plastics waste such as PP (Polypropylene) films and many other plastic articles. On an area of ​​58,000 square meters, company EING has set up a facility for processing and recycling of plastics, which are subsequently used in various applications.


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