Lindner wins Global CemFuels Award for innovation of the year

For its new drive, Lindner Recycling tech won the Global CemFuels Award in the category ‘Alternative Fuels Innovation of the Year’ at the 14th Global CemFuels Conference.
Global CemFuels Award for Lindner’s DEX drive in the category ‘Alternative Fuels Innovation of the Year’: f.l.t.r. Sales Manager Fritz Driessler (Lindner), Robert McCaffrey (Global CemFuels), Area Sales Manager Marco Egger (Lindner)

The company received the cement and lime industry’s award for the sixth time in February 2020. This new drive – used for the first time in Lindner’s Atlas 5500 AS shredder – beat stiff competition. The purely electromechanical drive’s secret weapon lies in its intelligent DEX energy management system. This system recovers the valuable kinetic energy generated by one of the shafts while braking and supplies it to the second shaft.

Thanks to this technology, the shredder always runs at the optimum operating point and ensures that the direction of the shafts changes up to three times faster than with conventional drives. This is particularly necessary when shredding tough or wet and heavy materials. The drive unit consumes 40% less energy, which makes the shredder exceptionally efficient. Sporting no hydraulic components, maintenance is reduced to a bare minimum.

Thanks to the DEX energy management system, the Atlas 5500 AS consumes up to 40% less than comparable primary shredders. While one shaft is braking, the energy generated is made available to the second shaft.

‘This award shows that we have once again taken an important step forward, true to our motto ‘Make the Most of Waste’’, said the Area Sales Manager Marco Egger and Sales Manager Fritz Driessler, who accepted the award personally in Cyprus.


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