Car dismanteling live

At IFAT, Seda Umwelttechnik and BDSV will again show the complete process of car-recycling drainage and dismantling.

The event will proceed on the open air side, within 3.586 m², 4 times a day. The process places the highest emphasis on environmental protection and work safety. The demonstrations will be held daily at 10:30, 12:30, 14:30 and 16:30.

The process will be divided into different stations. The stations cover ideal and compact storage possibilities of ELVs, which apply on the EU-rules. Furthermore, is a thoughtful preparation essentially for an efficient scrapping procedure. For that reason sophisticated software is needed, which all spare parts in good condition will be defined, categorized and marked. Finally, the parts can be released for sale, and launched online in an easy way if requested.

On the subsequent station the battery will be removed, the tyres demounted and all pyrotechnic safety facilities (airbag, belt tensioners) released. Thereafter, the ELV will be forwarded fork-lift free, with a trolley to the drainage station. Over there, all fluids like petrol, diesel, waste oil, brake fluid, etc. will be drawn off restless and sorted, environmentally-friendly and EX-protected. After the drainage station, the ELV comes to the dismantling station. The All-in-One Solution offers a gorgeous condition for an efficient operation. A tilting lift enables ergonomic work on the ELV. The installation is fully loaded with extra features, therefore, all devices can be reached instantly within extraordinarily safe time.

The scrapping operation will be completed with the further processing of each material, as well as with the compression of the car body.

Seda Umwelttechnik at IFAT: Open air site 812/31 and Hall B4, Booth 327/426


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