Circle City Scan: Digital tool to support cities’ transition

With support from the Mava Foundation, Circle Economy has announced the Circle City Scan Tool.

It is a digital tool that supports cities and regions around the world in creating an action plan for the transition to the circular economy. A prototype of the tool is now available through a closed beta programme. Interested users are invited to apply to join.

Building resilient cities through the circular economy

As the need for resilience in the face of global emergencies – from the current COVID-19 pandemic to climate change – becomes ever more pressing, the circular economy is increasingly gaining momentum within cities and regions as a viable strategy to achieve these goals– namely, to create cities that are liveable, thriving, and resilient.

Lack of data, insights, and guidance

However, data and evidence of the current state of the circular economy in cities is not readily available to decision-makers, and most are struggling to get insights on what the most relevant circular solutions for their context is.

The Circle City Scan Tool

The Circle City Scan Tool enables local governments to discover and prioritise circular opportunities for their city or region, based on proprietary and publicly available socioeconomic and material flow data, relevant circular case studies, and users’ input as to which sectors, materials, and impact areas are a priority in local agendas.

The tool builds on Circle Economy’s expertise helping cities and regions develop circular economy action plans over the last five years, including cities such as Amsterdam, Glasgow, Basel, Almaty, Philadelphia, and more.

The tool was developed in collaboration with organisations at the forefront of the circularity transition in their cities, in Switzerland, Finland, Czech Republic, Ghana, US, Canada, and Spain.

Circle Economy is now welcoming local governments, circularity consultants, project developers and circular solution providers to join our closed beta programme and help co-create the future of the tool. Interested parties can contact us to join through the tool’s contact form.

“Digital tools enable us to democratise access to the knowledge and expertise that cities and regions desperately need to get started on their transition to a circular economy. With the Circle City Scan Tool, we aim to enable municipal and regional governments to understand how circular economy thinking can be embedded in policies and in supply chains. In this way we can increase their capacity to implement practical and scalable circular economy solutions.” said Martijn Lopes Cardozo, CEO Circle Economy.


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