Analysis of efficiency of waste collection routes

Sensoneo, a provider of waste management solutions has developed its own methodology to deeply review and evaluate current waste collection efficiency.

Collection Efficiency Analysis uses 90 days of data from waste collection companies regarding containers and realized routes to uncover the actual efficiency of the current waste collection set-up in terms of cost, time, utilization and quality of service.

Analysis includes

  • Data Quality Validation
  • Recommendation for specific strategic measures to be taken in order to make the process more efficient,
  • and a Simulation of the impacts of each individual measure.

The first waste collection companies that completed the Analysis have identified a 36-64% potential for more efficient operation, direct links between specific types of containers and extreme costs, and huge gaps in recordings such as „unfinished driving“ or missing unloading tickets.

The companies also appreciated the projection of new cyclic routes that better utilized their current infrastructure and enabled them to serve the same number of customers with a smaller fleet.

The Analysis is available for any waste collection company able to provide data related to container infrastructure (volume, commodity, address, type, last pick-up and pick-up frequency) and a detailed record of the run routes (vehicles, assigned containers, length of the route in km and moto/hours, amount of waste collected). Collection Efficiency Analysis is not region nor language-restricted.


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