New Bobcat TL43.80HF waste expert telescopic loader

A new Bobcat TL43.80HF Waste Expert telescopic loader has provided the ideal solution for Gatim Srl, a company based in Calabria in Italy, a company in the recycling of end-of-life tyres (ELT) and rubber.

Secured by La Nordica Macchine Srl, the new Authorised Bobcat dealer in Calabria, this is the first sale in Italy of a Bobcat Waste Expert telescopic loader.

Recent important developments have produced strong growth in the market for recycled ELT in Italy. Approximately 400,000 tonne of ELT is produced every year in the country through the scrapping of vehicles and spare parts. The country’s Minister of the Environment passed an “End of Waste” Decree specifically for recycled ELT rubber in April 2020.

This provision definitively recognizes the recycling of ELT as a cornerstone of the circular economy for tyres in Italy. The Decree is aimed at increasing the share of ELT destined for material recovery, improving the quality of the recycled materials and supporting the development and investments in companies in the ELT recycling chain.

Gatim has purchased the new Bobcat TL43.80HF Waste Expert telescopic loader for use at the company’s recycling plant, built in 2001 on 12,000 m2 of industrial land, for the transformation of special waste into raw materials, in particular rubber granulate, used in the construction of synthetic pitches for football and other sports, rubber and textile insulating panels and rubber floors used in the public and private construction industry.

The dedicated design of the new Bobcat TL43.80HF Waste Expert telescopic loader provides the perfect combination of compactness and high operating capacity to meet customers’ needs and expectations. The TL43.80HF Waste Expert, working together with a Bobcat skid-steer loader, is involved in different stages of the treatment, crushing and processing of ELT. Specifically, it is used with forks for handling still untreated tyres, with a bucket for loading the product from the first processing stage and, again with a bucket, for loading material into containers after the second stage. In many cases in this process, material must be handled in confined spaces.

“Bobcat’s Waste Expert telescopic loader is smaller than its competitors,” said Domenico Azzarito, General Manager of the Gatim Plant. He continued: “The TL43.80HF maintains high levels of power and always ensures excellent performance. The compactness of the machine makes movement easier in cramped environments and the lightweight materials bucket we use on the machine, with a width of 2100 mm, satisfies our specific need to load containers from the rear, where the width of access is only 2250 mm. The ability to push material to the bottom and back of the containers with the telescopic arm on the Bobcat telescopic loader is also key.”

Another factor in the purchase decision was the availability from Bobcat of special extreme-duty solid tyres on the TL43.80HF Waste Expert telescopic loader, guaranteeing excellent traction, greater durability and preventing punctures caused by the waste being treated inside the facility.

Complementing the company’s successful construction and agricultural products, the Bobcat Waste Expert range of telescopic loaders has introduced a new, dedicated material handling solution for the waste and recycling markets.

The TL43.80HF is one of four models in the Waste Expert range, that also includes the TL35.70, TL34.65HF and TL38.70HF loaders, which together offer lifting capacities from 3.4 to 4.3 tonne and lifting heights from 6.5 to 8 m.

The HF/High Flow Technology in the HF models offers outstanding hydraulic capabilities and performance with a class-leading 190 l/min load sensing pump and flow sharing distributor. This allows the operator to work at significantly lower speeds, consume less fuel and benefit from remarkably shorter working cycles. To prevent unnecessary oil heating and power loss, the load sensing pump supplies oil only when hydraulic power is required.

Recycling and waste management sites are tough working environments so the equipment they use needs to be up to the challenge. As a result, the new Waste Expert machines are even more robust, with heavy-duty Dana Spicer axles and additional reinforced protection, making them the toughest on the market.

They also incorporate an extra large boom head, a high tensile steel boom, boom cushioning and protected hydraulic rams under and inside the boom. Like all Bobcat telescopic loaders, the Waste Expert machines have a box welded frame to meet heavy duty cycles and offer a high ground clearance, with a bottom plate along the entire length to protect vital parts.

Visibility from the cab is also crucial, for the safety of the operator and anyone around them. In the Waste Expert machines, all-round panoramic visibility is provided by the Patented Asymmetric Cab with ROPS/FOPS Level 2 protection and a pillar-less rear window.


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