Natural recycling: One month lockdown every leap year

What a wonderful change in air quality across globe, it’s a time to breathe without mask but because of Corona, we can’t dare to do so.
Thorben Wengert,

The same is the case with water bodies, it is so fresh & potable, it’s time to drink the water without applying any filter. It is equally true that these positive changes have been achieved at the cost of complete lockdown to avoid spread of Corona Virus.

Unfortunately, whenever we fail to perform our part of responsibility to upkeep the nature’s properties (natural resources) as per its standard in such cases the nature never hesitates to apply one or the other recycling systems like earthquake, tsunamis, glacier melting etc. to protect its properties but the cost & damages of the same is always very high. Probably, the corona virus is another creation of the Nature, till proven otherwise. To these natural recycling systems, we call “natural calamities”, probably because, we are unable to control nature’s extreme action which is a result of our misbehaviour with the nature. We must remember that nature will never fail to apply one or the other recycling systems as and when, we fail to protect nature’s properties.

The time has come for us to start distinguishing between our need and greed before using natural resources. It is often mentioned by the experts that we must protect the natural resources & the environment for our future generations! I would like to ask whether do we not need the above. If we do, can we further defer our responsibilities towards environment & ecology?

I am of the view that the UN should consider a complete lockdown of the whole world for one month (preferably February itself) every leap year to give time to nature to neutralise damages caused in the past four years. As we know, prevention is better than cure, maintenance is better than breakdown and now conservation of natural resources is a better option rather than giving chance to nature to apply its recycling systems to streamline its resources at an unbearable cost to us.

The above mentioned action will surely help the nature to heal / to restore / to revitalize / to recapture its glory and will help each and every one a healthier life. This will also help build better physical & mental health which will directly reduce the burden on hospitals and other medical facilities and will improve productivity of every nation which will result into greater GDP for that nation.

The lockdown has great positive impacts, like clean air that we can currently breathe because of absence of air pollution from vehicular transport and the industrial sector which contributes the most. Never in so many decades we have seen the holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada etc. so clear due to the closure of all kinds of pollutants going in to these rivers. Never did we see the skies so clear, thus improving the extent of visibility.
The above suggested lock down of one month every leap year, which would incidentally now be in February 2024, will give sufficient time to public and administration to plan everything in advance with the application of the learning and experiences acquired during this ongoing lockdown of Covid 19.



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