Particularly wide filling opening for easy filling

The ever-increasing use of plastic and cardboard, as well as the growing mountains of packaging waste, have also increased the demands on recycling.

Storage areas need to be used more and more efficiently or are often not available at all. HSM baling presses reduce the volume of recyclable materials by up to 95 % and, with the unmixed bales, produce a secondary raw material, which is reintegrated into the recycling circuit. Positive side effect: the bales have considerable market value when they are above a certain weight. The high compression of the HSM balers saves storage space and reduces the burden on transportation. Another advantage is that less strapping material is required.

The HSM V-Press vertical baler models combine the quality requirements of HSM with high profitability. Their performance and longevity make them an economical waste management solution. The HSM V-Press reduces the costs on the usually underestimated “waste disposal” cost centre. An absolute novelty is the HSM V-Press 860 plus B with sliding door and hand-wheel door lock. The pressing process starts automatically when the door is closed. After a cycle time of just 25 seconds, the pressing process is finished, the door opens automatically and the press is ready for further filling. Thanks to the wide feed opening of 1500 mm, the press produces particularly large, highly compressed bales of cardboard or foil which can be marketed without further pressing. With a pressing force of 594 kN and the low-noise and energy-saving rapid traverse technology, it is the economical and environmentally friendly solution for many disposal tasks. This is because the rapid traverse technology significantly reduces power consumption and drive power while increasing throughput. Compared to conventional drives, this technology reduces the cycle time by up to 40%. The machines are especially quiet due to the special pump technology.

Thanks to the special HSM TCS (TorsionControlSystem), the inclination of the pressing plate is continuously monitored in all directions. This prevents one-sided loads, optimises the pressing process and thus ensures a long service life and a high degree of process reliability. The machine is controlled and operated via a modern microprocessor control and a comfortable membrane keyboard with a graphics-capable text display, which shows the actual state of the machine. The marketable bales, with the maximum dimensions of 1200 x 780 x 1500 mm, achieve a material-dependent weight of up to 550 kilograms and are held together by a four-fold wire strapping. The wire strapping is particularly suitable for expansive materials such as foils etc. The HSM V-Press 860 plus B is also optionally available with a tape station, which straps the bales 4 times with polyester tape and is suitable for pressing cardboard.

However, it is not only the weight, but also the quality and size of the bale which are crucial. The more densely the bales are pressed, the more stable they are for storage indoors or outdoors. The optimised bale dimensions of the HSM V-Press 860 plus B guarantee the best possible use of lorry space. Depending on the material, up to 54 bales can be transported in a 24-ton articulated lorry.


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