European PVC industry builds new 2030 sustainability programme

VinylPlus, the Voluntary Commitment to sustainable development of the European PVC industry, brought together over 180 participants from 24 countries at the virtual VinylPlus Sustainability Forum (VSF) today.
Thorben Wengert,

Reflecting on a decade of leadership in PVC sustainability, VinylPlus Managing Director Brigitte Dero outlined VinylPlus’ success in tackling sustainability challenges, embracing the Circular Economy and addressing issues such as safe recycling to further advance the circularity of PVC. Dero commented, “I am proud of the work done by VinylPlus and its partners to increase the sustainability performance and use of PVC. We are fully committed to being circular, working closely with the European Commission and actively contributing to the Circular Plastics Alliance.”

Kirsi Ekroth-Manssila, Head of Unit at DG GROW, praised the “commitment and the proactive role” of VinylPlus in the Circular Plastics Alliance, stating, “VinylPlus is a perfect example of how to make the Circular Economy a reality, being the first value chain in 2001 to take on the challenge of transforming a problem into an opportunity. In addressing the environmental concerns of PVC, VinylPlus and the industry came up with an ambitious and forward-looking approach: to organise, cooperate and communicate with the whole value chain, from the producer to the downstream user and the waste manager.”

The event was not only a recognition of the PVC value chain’s achievements but an opportune moment to discuss and give feedback on the new 2030 sustainability programme, currently in development. The conversation built on an external stakeholder consultation carried out by Accenture on key sustainability drivers, and challenges and opportunities for the PVC industry to respond to over the next decade. The VSF participants engaged in a lively debate and provided their views on the direction of the programme and on pertinent issues such as enhancing VinylPlus’ engagement with stakeholders and ensuring the long-term sustainability of PVC.

The event concluded with the VinylPlus® Product Label Awards Ceremony, celebrating companies and partners of VinylPlus who offer PVC products with the highest sustainability performance. To date, 10 companies have been awarded the Product Label for 112 PVC products manufactured in 18 European sites. Based on well-defined sustainability criteria, the VinylPlus® Product Label is open to all PVC building and construction products.



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