Arjes starts with strategic reorientation into 2021

At the beginning of next year, Arjes wants to present its strategic reorientation and divide its double-shaft shredders into three basic product lines.

Thomas Hayn, Managing Director of Arjes GmbH, already expressed his confidence in all national and international Arjes sales partners in September: “Our philosophy of being the manufacturer of shredding machines with the best price-performance ratio and the widest range of applications on the market has paid off, especially in 2020. We will continue to consistently pursue this strategy in the future and adapt the orientation of the entire product portfolio to the new challenges and requirements of the recycling market”.

Product range Impaktor – compact class

The mobile Impaktor 250 evo double-shaft shredder has gained international recognition is widely used by small to medium-sized companies within the demolition and processing industry. This flexible and robust shredder features a unique combination of track system and hook lift version, a revolutionary shaft quick-change system, an innovative SCU control and a shaft design that extends the machine’s range of applications many times over. In addition to numerous applications for construction and demolition waste, the mobile as well as stationary shredders of the ARJES compact class are also suitable for processing railway sleepers, rootstocks, old and trunk wood, tyres, household and commercial waste and many other applications.

Product range Ekomaxx – intermediate class

The new Ekomaxx product line will replace the VZ 750 D/DK and VZ 850 D/DK series pre-shredders in the first half of 2021. The main reasons for this decision were technological advances that could not be further implemented in the design of these machines, as they would be too complex or too expensive. In the ARJES intermediate class, the concept of economic sustainability is the main focus in the development. The goal of Arjes is clearly defined: “To achieve an ideal cost-efficiency ratio for the maximum benefit of our customers and users”. Under the name Ekomaxx 800, the first machine in this product line will be equipped with all the advantages that are already standard with the Impaktor and Titan.

Those would be the standard track system, the quick exchange system for shafts, an SCU control system and a paddle shaft design that guarantees the customer long operating times and durability. The demand for this new Arjes concept has increased within this price range in recent months as not every customer requires a shredding unit of the TITAN series right away. Managing director, Thomas Hayn, sees the main areas of application for the Ekomaxx 800 in the processing of green waste, waste wood and root wood, as well as in the treatment of household, commercial and bulky waste. The shredding of old tyres, paper and cardboard are not a problem also with this machine.

“Our aim is to develop a shredder which is in the price range of a VZ 750 D/DK, but has the performance of a VZ 850 D/DK. The machine is currently still in the final phase of development and is undergoing the appropriate test runs. However, in the first half of 2021 the newly developed Ekomaxx 800 double-shaft shredder will be available to all users, with the focus on optimum efficiency, and will conquer the recycling market with its innovations,” promised Managing Director Thomas Hayn and Technical Director Norbert Hammel.

Product range Titan – heavy-duty class

In nature, the element Titan stands for strength, reliability and durability. These characteristics have been and continue to be the key specifications for the development of the double-shaft shredders within the Arjes heavy- duty class. For future reference, the previously known shredder VZ 950 Titan will only be called Titan 950 and therefore the abbreviation “VZ” will no longer be used. From the second half of 2021, the 16 litre stage II engine of the Titan 950 will be replaced by a 13 litre stage V engine, which promises the same throughput capacity, at least. The short version is to be replaced in the second half of the year by the new TITAN 900 machine. In order to be able to guarantee a wide range of applications with the best results, the mobile shredders are equipped with a track system as standard and are available in two different sizes. All Titan shredders feature the shaft quick- change system, the innovative SCU control and a shaft design that even meets the most difficult requirements. Countless applications within this heavy-duty class can be found in the construction and demolition industry, for shredding light metal, car bodies, truck and tractor tyres, in the processing of household and commercial waste as well as in composting and wood processing plants.

With the importance of renewable energy sources, the use of electric shredders is also becoming more and more popular. For all customers with special requirements regarding exhaust and noise emissions, a stationary electric version is the right solution. The Arjes E-PU machines are particularly energy-saving and efficient for the user, as they can be used for shredding the most difficult materials with considerably less maintenance. Within the Impaktor and Titan lines, these are already standard, but an electric power unit version is also already in the planning stage for the Ekomaxx line.

From 2021 onwards, all Arjes machines will basically only be equipped with an asynchronous drive and intelligent control system for the shredding shafts, which promise user-friendly and uncomplicated operations by remote control.


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