Just Transition Fund moves away from false waste management solutions

Yesterday a political agreement was reached between the European Parliament and Council on the Just Transition Fund which aims to support the socio-economic transformation of the most affected regions in Europe in their transition away from fossil fuels and carbon-intensive industries.
Source: Peter Smola; pixelio.de

The activities eligible for this support include investment in activities such as waste prevention, reduction and reuse that enhance the circular economy and exclude investments in energy recovery and disposal.

“We welcome the political agreement by the European Parliament and Council to transition away from funding outdated and environmentally harmful disposal methods such as waste incineration under the Just Transition Fund, but caution decision-makers to ensure this funding is redirected towards climate & waste positive activities that maximise material recovery, prevention and reuse. By incentivising solutions that design out waste, we can also design out carbon emissions from these systems, taking the European Union one step closer to meeting its climate objectives”, says Janek Vahk, Climate, Energy & Air Pollution Coordinator at Zero Waste Europe


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