Arjes shredder with great application potential in Israel

In general, the topic of waste separation and recycling is unfortunately not yet dealt with as intensively in Israel as it is in Europe. Nevertheless, there is a strong interest and only a few competitive machines that can handle the diverse mixed material.

In particular, the Arjes shredders of the Impaktor and Titan classes, whose strengths lie in the asynchronous principle of the shredding shafts, or the so-called omnivores, are very popular. Carmel Natural Products Ltd., which has been responsible for sales in Israel for Arjes for several years, has already convinced numerous interested parties and users of the potential of the machines on site. A little insight into the successful work of the shredding machines can be explained in more detail using three application examples.

Waste wood, green waste and industrial waste in northern Israel

The recycling company Gal Michsur, based in northern Haifa, processes a variety of materials with the Impaktor 250 evo, such as green waste, commercial waste, glass, nylon, plastic and others. The shredded waste wood is primarily used as a substitute fuel in incineration plants and is obtained by an external company for fuel production. The prepared green waste is used for further processing in composting plants. All metal contaminants that may still be present in the material are reliably removed with the built-in over band magnet and the clean biomaterial is then screened. The generated commercial waste is shredded by the user to reduce its volume in order to save considerable transportation costs and subsequent landfilling in southern Israel. In Israel, these costs are calculated according to the weight and volume of the material, so the customer, thanks to the Impaktor 250 evo, benefits twice.

Green waste processing on the Carmel site

On the site of Carmel Natural Products Ltd. there is also an in-house composting area and a collection point for green waste. With the Titan 950 this is shredded directly on site. The material is then screened and processed with a high-speed machine to a final grain size of 0 – 20 mm, as required in the Israeli compost industry. Using the Titan 950, stones and metal parts that went unnoticed during the pre-sorting can be pre-shredded and sorted out. This way, there is less jamming and therefore less damage to the subsequent high-speed machine. The shredder has an innovative SCU control system for adjusting the shaft speed and, with the help of the radio remote control and the standard track chassis, ensures optimum mobility on site.

House and commercial waste in southern Israel

There is a large-scale waste collection point in the south of the country, where numerous types of waste come together. Unlike most European countries, a large part of the waste generated there is still dumped and buried. By using the Titan 950, however, the volume of household and commercial waste is reduced to such an extent that significantly more layers of waste can be deposited in the end, which means more money for the system operator. The strengths of the Titan 950 are particularly evident in the diverse mix of materials. Thanks to the revolutionary quick-change system of the shredding shafts, the twin shaft can be easily installed and removed within a very short period of time. This makes maintenance, preparation and changing of the different shaft types easier for almost an uninterrupted operation. Many other brands would probably not be able to withstand these extreme conditions for long.


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