Valpak calls for full engagement in EPR consultation

The UK’s largest packaging compliance scheme, Valpak, has welcomed the opening of the government consultation on packaging extended producer responsibility and deposit return schemes, calling it a once in a generation chance to create a system designed for the world we live in today.
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Steve Gough, CEO of Valpak said: “The policy that will result from this consultation represents the most significant change in the way we deal with waste packaging since the advent of the Packaging Waste Regulations in 1997. It will impact the entire supply chain, so we hope that all stakeholders will engage.

“Valpak has invested all of its expertise in helping packaging producers prepare for becoming EPR-ready. We already know that collecting data will become more important than ever and, once we have had time to analyse the consultation in detail, we will be publishing a full assessment of the costs and impacts of the different options.

“We are pleased to see that government is consulting on both a single scheme and competitive approaches for both the household and household-like waste, and the business waste elements of the new regimes, giving all stakeholders a choice and opportunity to put forward their thoughts on these options.

“The options are very much in line with Valpak’s thinking from our experience of operating within the UK and from some examples we see in other territories, where we also help producers with their packaging compliance and registrations.

“The consultation will form the UK’s new policy on extended producer responsibility, which includes a commitment to the funding by producers of the full net cost of packaging recycling.”


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