PFE Continues to Expand into the European Plastics Recycling Industry

Plastics Recyclers Europe, the leading organization to define recyclability in Europe and to develop the RecyClass recyclability testing standards, has recognized Plastics Forming Enterprises (PFE) as an accredited laboratory.
Peter von Bechen,

PFE has gained accreditation for all four product categories in Europe, including: polyethylene terephthalate (PET) rigids, high density polyethylene (HDPE) rigids, polypropylene (PP) rigids, and polyethylene (PE) flexibles. PFE is not only the first U.S. testing facility to achieve accreditation to perform RecyClass testing but is also the only laboratory in the world to be accredited to perform testing in all four product categories. PFE has a long-standing performance as an approved lab for PET in Europe.

Already a recognized leader in consulting, R&D, and recyclability testing in the Americas, PFE has played an instrumental role in developing the prevailing recyclability testing protocols that have been widely adopted in the Americas. With the design guides it is necessary to satisfy the regional markets for acceptability to the products in the plastics recycling stream based on the data, systems, and end markets of these regions.

As global efforts, like the New Plastics Economy and associated Plastics Pacts, continue to ramp up to advance the circularity of packaging, the importance of compatibility and quality of the materials entering the recycling system is even more apparent. PFE has led work with clients to make notable design changes that align packaging with the recycling systems, including removing metal springs from pumps and transitioning aerosol cans to all plastic. The suite of services offered by PFE enables informed design that ensures materials have a chance to be used for many lifecycles.

“We look forward to helping our clientele navigate the testing requirements of RecyClass and offering the services of our pilot operation and complete testing lab on a global scale,” notes Kristi Hansen, President of PFE. “With 35 plus years of industry expertise, we have become the only accredited company worldwide to conduct plastic recycling R&D for all Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR), European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) and RecyClass recycling qualification protocols.”

These protocols are supported by other organizations such as, Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC), es una Asociación Civil sin fines de lucro (ECOCE), and China Sustainable Plastics Association (CSPA).


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