OMV and Borealis sign long-term supply agreements with Tomra

These agreements ensure a consistent supply of sustainable and high-quality raw materials for OMV Group’s recycling operations.

OMV will process feedstock supplied from Tomra Feedstock plants in its ReOil plants in Austria, while Borealis will process feedstock produced by Tomra at its mechanical recycling operations in Europe. The feedstock will be produced from mixed post-consumer plastic material otherwise lost to landfill and incineration at a first-of-its-kind sorting facility currently being developed in Germany.

Tomra is currently building a sorting plant in Germany that will have an input capacity of 80,000 metric tons per annum and be operational at the end of 2025. Tomra Feedstock has developed a process that transforms pre-sorted mixed post-consumer plastic waste – materials that would otherwise end up in incineration – sorted into clean fractions of specific polymer types. These fractions can then be further processed in mechanical and chemical recycling plants such as those run by OMV and Borealis.


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