PulpaTronics wins 2024 Green Alley Award

On April 25th in Berlin, the London start-up convinced the jury with their live pitch and their technology for the production of chipless, metal-free RFID labels.
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PulpaTronics has developed chip-free, metal-free RFID tags made from paper. These novel tags do not require metal extraction and are more cost-effective and compatible with existing recycling processes. As part of the award ceremony, all six finalist start-ups presented their business concepts to the audience and jury in live pitches. PulpaTronics came out on top with their future-proof and affordable inventory solution.

Chloe So, founder and CEO of PulpaTronics, is delighted to receive the award: “With our innovative laser technology, a conductive circuit is applied directly to the paper, which simplifies the manufacturing process and eliminates the need for metal and silicon components. This significantly reduces the ecological footprint of RFID tag production. We will use the prize money to further develop our product, strengthen our market position and actively participate in a future-oriented circular economy.”

This edition of the award had over 339 start-up applications from across Europe, 50% more applicants than the previous edition. Notably, the majority of start-up applications came from Germany (19%), followed by the UK (16%), Italy (11%) and Spain (9%). Multiple types of solutions were on display, ranging from waste prevention (36%) to digital solutions and recycling (both with 32%). These projects represent strong solutions, innovative business ideas, and dedicated teams for the circular economy.


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