New visualization software from Sesotec

Sesotec has now developed Visudesk - a new visualization software for sorting equipment.
Visudesk visualization software from Sesotec uses OPC-UA protocol. All sorting devices, even older models, can be retrofitted for compatibility. (Image: Sesotec GmbH)

The Visudesk visualization software consists of a browser-based dashboard that can be easily accessed via desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Reports and statistics are delivered to enable centralized monitoring and management of all sorting processes, helping to improve product quality as well as process efficiency. It is also possible to configure custom e-mail notifications to responsible employees in the event of critical machine conditions that could lead to equipment failure.

With Visudesk visualization software, you can see all process and usage data from your interconnected Sesotec sorting and metal detection devices in one comprehensive dashboard. This dashboard provides a complete overview of your entire sorting line as well as information about specific groups of devices, enabling you to quickly create equipment configurations and automate product changeovers. As required, Sesotec technicians also provide process optimization support.

Instant, process-wide feedback about equipment status and throughput makes it possible to continuously improve your processes. With more power to monitor and control your processes and sorted materials, productivity and efficiency climb — leading in turn to greater profitability. Furthermore, preventative maintenance contributes to a reduction in unplanned downtime, helping your sorting processes to continue creating maximal value with minimal malfunctions.


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