Jelenia Plast and ML Polyolefins intensify cooperation

At the beginning of August, representatives of Jelenia Plast and ML Polyolefins companies met in Jelenia Góra to contract the supply of polypropylene recyclate in the next step of co-operation. The contract was signed by the presidents of the companies.
From left: Monika Łagońska (Head of Purchasing, Jelenia Plast), Jacek Mędrak (Member of the Management Board, Jelenia Plast), Jens Kröger (President of the Management Board, Jelenia Plast), Tomasz Mikulski (President of the Management Board, ML Polyolefins), Krzysztof Nowosielski (Commercial Director ML Polyolefins) (Source: ML)

As both parties emphasize, the signed contract proves the strengthening of good cooperation between the two market leaders who have been closely working together for some time due to the growing importance of the use of recyclates in the production of final products. “We are a company that meets the needs of our customers in terms of the use of recycled materials in the production process, but we are also aware of the importance of engaging in the implementation of the circular economy idea. As one of the plastics manufacturers in Poland, we are aware of the great responsibility that rests on us, which is why we striving to become a leader in achieving sustainable development goals”, comments Jens Kröger on the agreement.

Tomasz Mikulski from ML Polyolefins speaks in a similar vein, emphasizing common non-business goals that connect both companies: “I am glad that our companies share the same values, finding deeper meaning in our cooperation – reduction of the amount of plastic waste, recycling of secondary materials or empowering our sustainability by minimise the carbon footprint. We continue our joint activities in the field of the circular economy, taking care every day to provide our partner with a product that meets his expectations.”

The cooperation of both enterprises so far has resulted in the introduction to the market portfolio of final products with significant percentage of recyclate input, which was possible by pulling together on the innovation and improvement of materials used in processing. The negotiators of the agreement, Monika Łagońska from Jelenia Plast and Krzysztof Nowosielski from ML Polyolefins, point to the most important issues and emphasize that this is not the end of joint projects: “For such a large contract, work on it surprisingly did not take very long. Both parties are proven partners for each other, so determining the details was not labour-intensive and complicated. The development of the material took us most of the time, because – understandably – we wanted to maintain the aesthetic appearance, colour and properties of the product”, concluding M.Łagońska, purchasing department manager at Jelenia Plast.

Commercial director of ML follow up: “We have some work ahead related to the research and development for new recipes, but if the cooperation is as smooth as it has been so far, we will start deliveries of new product groups very quickly. We realize that such contracts – especially publicly communicated – are closely watched by other companies in the industry, which are also trying to follow the path of abandoning the use raw plastics, replacing them largely with recyclates. Together with such a valuable partner as Jelenia Plast, we will try to point out the benefits of using recyclates and promote their importance in global meaning, especially where it is not necessary to use prime materials”, Krzysztof Nowosielski points out.


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