Zero Waste Europe comments on Parliament’s opinion report on the EU Methane report

The ENVI committee highlighted in their report "that there should always be a feasible biological treatment (composting or anaerobic digestion) option;

in that regard, acknowledges the potential of anaerobic digestion from bio-degradable waste which allows the production of bio-methane; stresses, in line with the waste hierarchy, that incineration is only at the second lowest step in the waste hierarchy and recalls its positions on incineration set out in its resolution of 10 February 2021 on the New Circular Economy Action Plan”.

We are happy with the outcome of the vote today in the ENVI committee as the report adopted now calls for the alignment of the Landfill Directive with the Circular Economy Acton Plan. It calls on the Commission to focus the future revision of the relevant waste directives on proposing target to cap the generation of residual waste, and also by improving the Landfill Directive to change the current 10% landfill minimisation target from a percentage (%)-based target to a weight (kgs)-based one. Moreover, the committee added an extra by calling for no provision of EU funding for incineration, and recalled its positions on incineration set out in its position on the New Circular Economy Action Plan”.


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