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Eggersmann will be using its presence at IFAT 2022 to present innovative technologies and processes in the areas of plant engineering, stationary technology (key machines) and mobile recycling machines to customers and visitors.
The mobile recycling machines are also equipped with digital support in terms of user-friendliness and machine efficiency, while at the same time enabling foolproof operation. Photo: Eggersmann

On the 535 m² stand, the East Westphalian full-service provider in the field of recycling will once again present its comprehensive portfolio. This year, the focus will be on digital plant and machine networking and control by means of data analysis, the automation of entire plants and their components, and the implementation of analysis and service apps for data evaluation and plant and machine optimisation.

Intelligent sorting with data analysis

Eggersmann sorting plants produce single-sort recyclable fractions according to your customer-specific requirements. Digital networking in a central system and fully automated management systems ensure an optimised and continuous state-of-the-art sorting process.

With the help of a monitoring dashboard, data and information from all machines and all sensors are collected, visualised and analysed. The data is retrieved in real time and processed with process engineering knowledge and descriptive statistics and made available for time- and machine-related comparisons. Based on this data, regulations are created between the various machines and plant sections to adapt them as quickly as possible to different material quantities and material compositions. With this fully automated system, the material flow is self-regulated.

This intelligently controlled networking sustainably increases the overall performance of the plant in terms of throughput, quality and output. Machine malfunctions and failures are predicted and avoided by permanent analysis and corresponding algorithms. The Eggersmann Service Assistant also supports the digital planning, control and documentation of maintenance. Additionally, the app makes it possible to access your plant documentation and installed spare parts from anywhere.

More service through digital standards

The mobile recycling machines are also equipped with digital support in terms of user-friendliness and machine efficiency, while at the same time enabling foolproof operation. For example, the programmes for shredding or screening that match the material and application can be selected directly via the touch panel. With the Eggersmann Telematic Tool, numerous machine parameters can also be read remotely. If something is not running smoothly, it is possible to react almost in real time. In addition, Eggersmann has recently launched a service app. If the customer has a concern, he can make an enquiry or book a service directly via the app. This not only ensures faster response times and shorter downtimes, but also allows for proactive maintenance to reduce downtimes to a minimum.

Automated driving

In the future, the Backhus compost turners from Eggersmann will be able to move automatically. The machine covers both the distance across the windrow and between the windrows without a driver. During the transfer of the windrow, the turning machine automatically corrects its travel path and can be conveniently moved to the parking area without a cab after the turning process is completed. The safety aspect is of course fulfilled.

Plug & Play

The topic of electric drive is playing an increasingly important role when buying a mobile recycling machine, both in economic and environment terms. Many machines from Eggersmann – such as the Terra Select trommel screens, the Star Select S 60 star screen and the Airfix V 60 windsifter – have already been available as electric versions for years. The stationary versions of our single-shaft and two-shaft shredders also have an electrical connection. They have recently been followed by the mobile shredders Teuton Z 50 and the new Forus SE 38, both of which will soon be available from Eggersmann as fully electric machines on tracks. Visitors to IFAT are welcome to see for themselves: the Eggersmann screens and shredders will be presented in e-mobile versions.

Hall B5, Booth 427/526


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