IFAT: PreZero presents discussion program

PreZero is addressing the topic of the circular economy - a key issue for the future - with seven exciting discussion events at the IFAT 2022.

Over 20 experts from trade, politics, science and civil society are discussing questions covering the issues of recycling loops, packaging management, garbage separation and innovations in conjunction with the environmental service provider. “We want dialogue so we can shape the future together with our customers and partners. The IFAT provides us the ideal platform. Because we can only forge the path to a clean tomorrow by working together”, says Thomas Kyriakis, chairman of PreZero.

The highlight of the program is the high-profile discussion panel “#PreThink: Circular economy now! – Is the packaging turnaround coming in 2022?”. Thomas Kyriakis will be discussing together with Dr. Martin Bethke, Board of WWF Germany, Jürgen Muth, Director of the Allianz Arena Munich and Prof. Dr. Christina Dornack, Director of the Institute of Waste Management and Circular Economy at the TU Dresden, which regulatory measures have to be deployed now to ensure that the packaging turnaround can successfully generate a functioning circular economy. The discussion will take place on Wednesday, June 1, 2022, from 15:30 until 16:30 at the PreZero booth. Directly afterwards a press discussion takes place with this plenum, in which also Dr. Christoph Epping, Section Manager T II (circular economy) in the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, will participate.

There is a practical focus on this issue on Monday afternoon: Under the heading “Garbage separation made sexy – is it possible?” Christian Kampmann from PreZero, Axel Subklew from the initiative “Mülltrennung wirkt” (in English: Waste Separation Works) and Birgit Nimke-Sliwinski from the Berlin municipal cleaning service demonstrate new perspectives for this important topic. On Wednesday at noon, representatives of start-ups from the circular economy will discuss which innovations are available for closing material loops and how these can be strengthened. Other exciting panel topics are plastic recycling, innovative packaging design and zero waste. Customers and trade fair visitors can vote in advance on social media for one of three optional talks under the heading “Expert Choice”, which will then take place on Thursday at the PreZero booth.

The discussions take place from May 30 until June 2 at the PreZero booth in Hall A6, booth 239.

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