EU Environmental Protection Spending continues to rise

In 2021, the EU expenditure on environmental protection amounted to €292 billion. Rising on average by over 3% each year, the expenditure on environmental protection increased by 54% since 2006.
National expenditure on environmental protection in the EU, 2006-2021 (€ billion and % of GDP, by institutional sector; estimate) (Source: Eurostat)

This expenditure includes investments and consumption, according to Eurostat. As a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP), expenditure on environmental protection remained relatively stable over the last 15 years at about 2.0% of GDP.

Following the tendency of previous years, corporations’ spending was the largest share of the environmental protection expenditure, accounting for 55% of the total in 2021. The general government and non-profit sector share of the expenditure was 24%, while the households’ share was 21% of that year’s total.

This information comes from data on environmental protection expenditure accounts published by Eurostat today.


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