Enva opens oil filter recycling plant

Enva has announced the opening of a new recycling facility for used oil filters and oily rags at its Bilsthorpe site in Nottinghamshire.

The new £2.5 million facility can process over 10,000 tonnes a year of oil filters and oily rags collected by Enva from workshops and the automotive and industrial sectors across the UK. In doing so, Enva will internalise the processing of this material, maximising the volume and quality of the materials that are recovered.

Oil filters are first shredded before passing through multiple recycling technologies including two centrifuges to recover the waste oil, which then undergoes further treatment at Enva’s existing oil treatment facility also located on the site. Magnets and eddy current separators extract ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and plastics are also separated. The remaining solid material ends up as an oily cardboard fluff, which is used in the production of a sustainable waste derived fuel for energy intensive industries.


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