Starlinger: New PET bottle-to-bottle recycling line reduces production costs

According to Starling, the new machine concept of Starlinger’s Recostar PET art saves about 21 % production costs. The machine was presented for the first time at K 2022.
At K 2022 Starlinger presented for the first time the new Recostar PET art recycling line for PET bottle-to-bottle Applications. Compared to the previous model, it saves around 21 % production costs. Photo: Starlinger

The newly conceived PET bottle-to-bottle recycling system, Recostar PET art scores not only with 25 % less energy consumption compared to the previous model, it also requires 46 % less maintenance time, has a 21 % smaller machine footprint, and a production output increase of 15 %. In total, bottle-to-bottle recyclers can save about 21 % in production cost with the new system.



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