FEAD welcomes Commission’s PPW Regulation

The Commission's proposal on the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation is welcomed by FEAD because it reiterates recycling's position as the foundation of circularity.
(Source: FEAD)

FEAD supports the European Commission’s ambition reflected in the packaging and packaging waste proposal, and strongly believes that the sector must be stimulated through strong, binding measures to achieve a “real” circular economy. We, as the waste management industry, are an important part of the circle, but we need strong market signals for recyclates. The proposed measures, such as mandatory recycled content, aim at creating the much-needed shock on demand for recyclates and therefore triggering investments in separate collection, sorting, and highly innovative recycling. Our role and added value as producers of sustainable secondary raw materials, which are crucial for the packaging industry, are now fully recognised.

FEAD views the ambitious collection targets as crucial and calls for the deployment of all available instruments. Separate collection is a key step in strengthening an environmentally sound waste management system and aiming to create new resources. FEAD also supports the progressive implementation of the targets to allow industry and Member States to develop all the necessary infrastructure in the right timeframe.

FEAD acknowledges that re-use and recycling go hand-in-hand in a circular economy, but stresses that it is equally important to ensure consistency between the targets, in order to support past and future efforts.

FEAD also views eco-design measures as of key importance. Eco-design is the first necessary step at the beginning of the production process to achieve full recyclability while ensuring that the goals of functionality and sustainability can be combined.

Peter Kurth, FEAD President, said: “The Commission’s proposed new regulation shows a strong willingness to close the loop in the packaging sector. It is a strong and welcomed signal, that echoes the voice of waste management, which called for ambitious measures and targets for recycling. Our pivotal role, along the whole chain of products to waste, in making the European economy more circular is being valued.”


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