BIR looks to the future

As well as celebrating BIR’s 75 years in the city of its birthplace, the focus at the World Recycling Convention in Amsterdam was on a modern, connected future which puts international recycling at the heart of the circular and global economy.

“BIR has much of which to be proud now and throughout its rich history,” comments Tom Bird. “As an organisation, and as an industry, we are highly adaptable, able to flex to match whatever challenge has been thrown at us. Time and again, we not only bounce back, but we thrive. I am proud to have served the organisation for the last four years, through one of the most difficult times in its history, thanks to COVID. I am just as proud to hand over my Presidency to Susie Burrage, her appointment is a testament to the inclusive nature of our ever-changing industry.”

Further milestones achieved at the Amsterdam Convention include the largest ever attendance at 1500 delegates (a sell-out), and the announcement that membership numbers are at an historic high of almost 1000. Two milestones which underpin the growing recognition of recycling’s commercial and reputational importance, and the vibrancy and continued growth of one of the world’s most forward-looking industries.

“What a way to honour our birthday, proving what an energised, dynamic and innovative industry BIR represents,” comments Arnaud Brunet, Director General of BIR. “As an organisation and an international collective, we have tackled the tumultuous storms of the past few years together, and our focus at BIR on representation and advocacy has paid dividends, as shown in the milestone numbers we share today.”


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