Eriez magnetic separators are helping the glass industry

Eriez's magnetic separation equipment is gaining recognition among glass manufacturers to remove tramp metal particulates from the mixing and blending of raw ingredients before the melting process in a furnace.
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“The glass industry needs effective magnetic separators to eliminate metallic, magnetic and non-magnetic impurities during the glassmaking process,” says Tom Saccamozzone, Project Manager—Heavy Industries at Eriez. He explains, “Magnetic and metal contamination not removed from the raw material causes visual and structural defects in finished glass products.”

Eriez magnetic separators are designed to remove or recover metals from three types of magnetic materials used to purify glass: ferromagnetic, paramagnetic, and diamagnetic, according to Saccamozzone. In the process of making silicate glass, for example, multiple Eriez magnetic separators are used to recover trapped metals mixed in with the sand along with other raw materials.

“Unwanted tramp metals are removed using Eriez ceramic drums, different types of ceramic traps and suspended magnets,” Saccamozzone notes. “Typically, using these separators reduces the number of large pieces of ferrous, like nuts, bolts, and mill scale.”

Eriez Eddy Current Separators are utilized to repel highly conductive materials such as aluminium, brass, and copper in the diamagnetic circuit. The company has supplied Eddy Current Separators in this industry to repel the aluminium and brass out of the cullet before introducing the cullet into the furnace.


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