Trimclean removes trims from waste textiles

Valvan introduces a new system to automatically remove undesired components from textiles during the recycling process.
Copyright: Valtech Group

After the introduction of the Fibersort a few years earlier, Valvan is introducing Trimclean. This system is designed to extract trims like zippers, buttons, and labels from fiber-sorted textile materials. Removing these undesired components, increases the purity of the feedstock, creating a high-quality and reliable source of feedstock for textile-to-textile recyclers.

To end up with pure feedstock suitable for recycling, producers of recycled textiles need to extract all trims like zippers, buttons, embroideries, and labels from fibre sorted textile materials.

After the Fibersort process, textiles are fed onto a cutting line where they are cut into small clippings. These clippings are conveyed to a detection area where they are inspected by an optical camera system and metal sensor. This metal sensor detects ferro and non-ferro metals. The vision system detects all kinds of undesired (non-) textile materials (e.g. labels, shoulder pads).

Clippings with trims are pneumatically separated from the other clippings, resulting in 2 separate material flows. The untrimmed materials are used as feedstock to create new textile products.


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