A new alliance between the waste management and manufacturing industries

On July 6, FEAD hosted an in-person event, under the title, “How to make the circular economy work? A new alliance between waste management and the manufacturing industries”.
(Source: FEAD)

FEAD brought together experts, policymakers, and industry leaders, to explore ways in which EU institutions can enhance Member States’ performance in achieving circular economy targets.

Kickstarting the event, Aurel Ciobanu-Dordea, the Commission’s Director of Circular Economy, presented the Early Warning Report (EWR) on waste, and an overview of the institution’s current actions and plans to achieve the circular economy targets. A first panel discussion followed, with Victor Dries from OVAM, Belgium, and Herwart Wilms, Vice-President of FEAD, joining the Commission official to address the necessary actions that the EU must undertake to foster the circular economy.

Shifting to the industry, Leonardo Forner from the Sirmax Group presented a best practice example of ‘plastics upcycling for automotive industry’, before Almut Reichel introduced the audience to the European Environment Agency’s work on secondary raw material markets. A second panel shed light on the importance of solidifying a synergy between the waste management and manufacturing industries, with MEP Sandro Gozi (Renew Europe, France), Cédric de Meeûs, President of Construction Products Europe, and David Lamy, FEAD Vice-President, joining the discussion.

FEAD concluded the event by unveiling its vision for the future of the waste management industry, pledging reflection, cooperation, and commitment to making the circular economy work.


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