Aimplas to hold second edition of international seminar on plastics recycling

For two days, Aimplas will analyse the challenges and opportunities facing the plastics recycling sector at the second edition of its international meeting with the support of nearly twenty sponsors, media partners and collaborating companies.
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Aimplas will hold the second edition of Plasrec on 15-16 November, where experts will discuss the importance of plastic waste recycling and recovery in a circular economy model that makes it possible to use different kinds of waste as new resources and sustainable raw materials.

Following the first edition, which was attended by more than 200 people, the plastics industry’s interest in improving its sustainability continues to grow, partly due to new legal requirements. At this year’s seminar, 26 speakers will discuss the leading topics affecting the sector in six sessions. The first will focus on the relevance of these topics in the circular economy model through the participation of representatives of institutions such as the European Commission, Chemical Recycling Europe, ANARPLA and Plastics Europe. Industry companies will then present their main developments and innovations in collection, sorting, and the digitalization of these processes. The first day will end with a session on mechanical recycling and workshops on the SOL-REC2 and OSIRIS Network projects. The OSIRIS Network is a strategic cooperation project on technologies for the circular economy of composites and high-value-added complex plastic materials. Four technology centres, GAIKER, AIMPLAS, AITEX and CIDAUT, are collaborating to equip the industry with the capacity to improve the profitability of its recovery processes and reintroduce recycled materials on the market.

On the second day, the first session will focus on chemical recycling and presentations of innovations in these emerging technologies, as well as success stories. A workshop will also be held on the ReMade@ARI Project. The next session will address the challenges facing certain kinds of waste. Finally, the day will end with a session in which companies and experts will analyse advanced techniques for improving recycling processes.


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