Plastics Recyclers Europe’s Manifesto calls upon the EU for a genuine circularity for plastics

Plastics Recyclers Europe calls upon the EU to maintain the ambition to achieve a genuine circularity for plastics by driving the competitiveness and innovation of the EU plastics industry.
Peter von Bechen,

On their run for a circular EU, the European institutions will face a decisive moment during the 2024-2029 term to continue to deliver on the Green Deal’s objectives while implementing and enforcing measures that genuinely transform plastics into a fully circular material. Addressing key challenges in collection, design for recycling and uptake while delivering transparent rules to verify the various targets progress are among some of the critical prerequisites for the EU in the coming years.

“Plastics recycling has proved itself as one of the vital components of a circular economy in Europe. To unlock its full potential, necessary incentives, targeting the entire value chain, must be set to drive investments towards EU recycling capacities and technological developments”, underlined Ton Emans, Plastics Recyclers Europe’s President.

To this end, PRE strongly believes that the European action should be focused on five priorities. Firstly, to accelerate the transition towards circular plastics, the European institutions should address systemic barriers, promoting the enhancement of harmonised collection systems across the EU and establishing realistic recycling targets and recycled content targets.

Simultaneously, decisive action to combat greenwashing is key. To mitigate the risk of using unverified recycled plastics from non-EU countries to reach these targets, it is essential to promote transparency and establish a level playing field for all products, including imported ones. The implementation of reliable verification and certification systems plays a key role here by ensuring the traceability of waste-derived materials across the entire value chain.

All these actions will guarantee fair competition and strengthen investments in the EU plastics industry, securing a sustainable supply of high-quality recyclates and continued innovation in a global market.
Last but not least, forward-looking policies based on scientific assessments and robust data should be the cornerstone of European action.

By considering these priorities, the European institutions will boost the EU plastics recycling industry and facilitate the transition towards the EU’s Green Deal. This will be the first building block to move towards a circular, carbon-neutral economy that relies on collaborative efforts, open dialogue, and unwavering commitment from policymakers, industry stakeholders, and consumers alike.

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