RECYCLING magazine 04 / 2018

    Source China wall: Markus Traunwieeser;; Illustration: E. Zillner

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    Source: Soumya
    A business enterprise is reinventing the role of waste pickers
    In India, waste pickers are becoming entrepeneurs.
    Source: Dieter Schütz;
    A circular opportunity
    China could use the circular economy to tackle of some of its biggest challenges.
    Source: Dietmar Burkhardt;
    A long-term plan is needed
    Lebanon is running out of landfill space with no waste management plan at hand.
    Source: Bernd Sterzl;
    A strategy for keeping buildings in the loop
    A new approach to developing a framework for circular buildings.
    Source: Markus Traunwieeser;
    After China‘s plastics ban
    Southeast Asia could become the world‘s new plastic waste recycling hub.
    Source: Tim Reckmann,
    Future improvements needed
    A new report sees flaws in the current EPR system for packaging in the UK.
    Source: Claudia Hautumm;
    How batteries can become more circular
    Opportunities and challenges for future energy storage.
    Source: piu700;
    IHS Markit predicts plastic storm
    Sustainability efforts have significant implications for the value chain.
    Source: Lothar Wandtner;
    Recycling needs to be made easy
    A recent survey hints at where the biggest obstacles to recycling are.
    Source: Kurt Michel;
    Stepping up the fight against GHG
    Considerations on a long-term strategy for GHG emissions reduction.
    Source: Dieter Schütz;
    Sustainable Steel
    World Steel Association has launched Indicators 2018 and industry initiatives.
    Source: Dieter Schütz;
    The revolution is chemical
    A new project wants to improve the chemical recycling of PET.

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    RECYCLING magazine 04 / 2018

    Price: EUR 16,90
    Price excl. VAT and postage
    Germany 5,00 EUR
    International 5,00 EUR

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