No trust in british recycling activities

| Viridor has launched a recycling index that gives a comprehensive overview of public attitudes to recycling.

BIR: Non-ferrous metals focus on copper and aluminium

| At the BIR Non-ferrous metals Division meeting during the BIR World recycling conference in Amsterdam on the 24th of October, three guest speakers will be discussing the global copper and aluminium market trends.

Battery recyclers are facing new challenges

| The recycling of lithium-ion batteries was one of the main points of focus at the International Battery Recycling Congress, held in Antwerp, Belgium.

Turning municipal waste into biomass fibre

| Wilson Bio-Chemical has opened a micro autoclave fibre production plant for turning municipal solid waste into biomass fibre.

Veolia signs billion Euro contract in the UK

| The company will provide waste-to-energy services in Herfordshire County for the next 30 years.

Shredding the core

| Smurfit Kappa in Euskirchen relies on a PHH core shredder from Höcker Polytechnik to reduce the volume of cores from heavy paper reels.

Separating film from fiber

| Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) has announced its plastic identification and removal system, utilizing NRTs Fiberpure optical sorter with the option of a Nihot pneumatic extraction system.

Council tip permit systems WILL guarantee​ more fly-tipping, says waste company

| Local council attempts to restrict access to their civic amenity sites to permit-holding local residents will end up costing them more than they are likely to save, it's been warned.
Martin Jäger,

Aluminium content in cars expected to increase significantly

| A study commissioned by European Aluminum predicts the increase up to 30 per cent.

Veolia plans heavy investment in the UK

| In an interview with news agency Reuters, Veolia UKs CEO Estelle Brachlianoff explained that the company intends to invest approximately 900 million Euro and is taking advantage of rising landfill taxes.

New managing director for Viridor

| Phil Piddington succeeds CEO Ian McAuly, who leaves the company to pursue other opportunities.

Brand behind the brands captures the spirit of winemaking

| A company specialising in turning wine industry waste into value add products is helping to drive Australia’s booming craft spirits sector.

Around 186,000 Russians sign Greenpeace’s petition to introduce separate waste collection, recycling till date

| Russia has more than 41,000 square kilometers landfills area which is equal to the size of Switzerland, says Greenpeace. The non-governmental environmental organization recently ranked some of the country’s regions based on their waste programs wherein cities of Vladivostok, Vladimir, Yaroslavl, and Novosibirsk stood out as leaders in separate waste collection and recycling.

India needs serious action plan to manage waste

| India is one the careless nations which does not seem take waste management seriously. It is rightly termed as a country underdevelopment despite having potential to make the system work by adopting advanced useful methods.

Acquisition for software producers

| The irish AMCS group has acquired the dutch software producer GMT from investment company Nedvest.