E-Scrap Committee: A need to “set the record straight” about e-scrap

| The e-scrap recycling sector is the victim of “a messaging issue” and of the general circulation of “mixed” and “inconsistent” information that has unfairly tarnished its image, the latest BIR E-Scrap Committee meeting in Prague was told by committee member Robin Wiener, President of the US Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI).

Textiles recycling industry must look to demonstrate its know-how

| With the United Nations climate change conference (COP21) due to take place shortly in Paris, “eyes have never been fixed as intensely on recycling”, the BIR Textiles Division meeting in Prague on October 27 was informed by its President, Mehdi Zerroug of France-based Framimex. And with the future of the textiles recycling industry now “a political issue”, he said, “we have to show what textile recycling really is and not what too many people still think we are”.

Tyres & Rubber Committee: ETRMA, ETRA and BIR in a show of unity

| “All parties expressed their awareness that co-operation between recyclers and tyre producers is needed to solve the short-, medium- and long-term problems endangering a sound economic environment for the tyre recycling industry.” So said BIR Tyres Committee Chairman Ruud Burlet of Netherlands-based Rubber Resources in summarising the committee’s latest gathering in Prague on October 26.

Stainless steel still has substantial demand growth potential

| At the BIR Stainless Steel & Special Alloys Committee meeting in Prague on October 27, its Chairman Joost van Kleef of Oryx Stainless described 2015 “as one of the most challenging years to date for the stainless steel recycling industry”.

Plastics scrap: “Silver linings in the grey clouds” for plastics

| Although volumes, prices and confidence are all down, BIR Plastics Committee Chairman Surendra Patawari Borad of Belgium-based Gemini Corporation NV still spied “some silver linings in the grey clouds” for plastics recyclers.

Non-Ferrous Metals: Sector faced with “diminishing margins, rising costs and low confidence”

| 2015 has been “a very tough year” in which the “bad economic climate” has led to adverse effects on companies’ budgets and employment plans. So said the BIR Non-Ferrous Metals Division’s President David Chiao of the Uni-All Group in the USA at the body’s meeting in Prague on October 26.

Recovered paper: China’s recovered paper demand to remain “sustained”

| Despite the general focus of attention on China’s economic slowdown, the country’s imports of recovered paper from Europe have mounted a stout recovery in 2015, according to data presented by Ranjit Singh Baxi of UK-based J & H Sales International to the BIR Paper Division meeting held in Prague on October 26 under the presidency of Reinhold Schmidt of Recycling Karla Schmidt in Germany.

Ferrous metals: “It’s not going to be business as usual”

| Billet exports from China “at ever-decreasing prices” have been “truly the cause of the present condition of ferrous scrap values”, BIR Ferrous Division President William Schmiedel of Sims Metal Management in the USA told the body’s latest gathering in Prague on October 27.

Swollen imports fuel fight for tonnage in EU steel market

| Revised data on the EU steel market suggest that demand could grow by 1.5% in 2015, on a par with the expected rise in activity of the EU steel consuming sectors. However, third country suppliers rather than domestic producers will be the main beneficiaries from demand growth in the EU market. Weakening domestic order intakes signal that steel buyers are remaining very cautious.
Tim Reckmann,

German WEEE comes into force for PV

| German WEEE law ElektroG came into force on October 24, bringing PV modules under the scope of mandatory Producer responsibility.

Metals “perfectly suited” for the Circular Economy” says European industry

| The combined European metals industry today demonstrated their support for the upcoming Circular Economy Package through a common position paper. In Boosting the Circular Management of Metals, the metals sector highlights how it looks forward to an ambitious Circular Economy Package supporting growth, innovation, competitiveness and jobs.

Petcore Europe Conference 2015 in Brussels

| On 24 November 2015, the annual Petcore Europe Conference will take place in Brussels. The conference brings together more than 100 experts and leaders from the whole PET value chain in Europe and beyond as well as representatives from the European institutions. This year, the conference will focus on the four key aspects Sustainability, Circular Economy, Innovation and Globalisation.

Umicore and IndustriALL renew sustainable development agreement

| Today, Umicore and IndustriALL Global Union renewed their Global framework Agreement on Sustainable Development for a period of four years. The agreement covers human rights (including collective bargaining and equal opportunities), safe and healthy working conditions and environmental considerations.

Terex names new Chief Executive Officer

| Terex Corporation has named John L. Garrison, Jr. Chief Executive Officer and President effective November 2, 2015. He will also become a member of the Terex Board of Directors effective November 2, 2015.

CEWEP warns for missing actions on landfill ban

| According to the Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants (CEWEP), the Commission seriously questions undertaking any effective landfill diversion action in the upcoming new Circular Economy Package.