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Gabi Schoenemann, pixelio.de

First vertical waste treatment plant for Singapore

| Singapore’s first vertical waste incinerator, designed to dispose of hazardous waste and chemical waste while saving more space than conventional incinerators, will be ready in February 2017.
Gabi Schoenemann, pixelio.de

Sustainable trash-burning in focus

| Several experts have expressed their views on sustainable trash-burning. Paul Gilman, chief sustainability officer at US-based Covanta Energy, has backed the idea of burning trash to reduce garbage and clean the environment.

Less landfilling in municipal waste treatment

| Eurostat has published the final figures for municipal waste collection and treatment in the EU in 2014.

Prospects for China’s Recycling Industry

| China Briefing has published an overview of China's recycling market. According to the article, Beijing must reform and regulate the country’s recycling industry, which operates chiefly informally with limited government oversight.

CEWEP welcomes new members from Luxembourg, Lithuania and Turkey

| SIDOR, Fortum Klaipėda (Fortum Group) and Eren Holding have joined the European Waste-to-Energy operators‘ community.

CEWEP criticizes report on impact of landfill

| Playing down the benefits of minimising landfilling, as recently done by some stakeholders, is a dangerous message ahead of COP21, particularly from a global perspective, CEWEP says.

CEWEP: Circular Economy must minimise landfilling and maximise use of waste as a resource

| Europe’s Circular Economy Package should be ambitious in maximising waste prevention and use of waste as a resource while minimising landfilling of recyclable and recoverable waste, the Waste-to-Energy umbrella association CEWEP points out in its statement in response to the European Commission’s consultation on the circular economy currently underway.

Total waste from UK households dropped 1.8 per cent in 2013

| According to the british Department for Environment, Food and rural affairs, the total waste from household in the UK was 21,6 million tonnes. This amounts to 403 kg per person.

Falkenberg opens international recycling & recovery congress

| The event is held in Vienna on the 8th and 9th of September.

U.S. waste could power 13.8 million homes

| A report by Columbia University claims that there is great potential to increase energy drawn from waste in the U.S.

CEWEP: Waste-to-Energy complementary to quality recycling

| The Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants (CEWEP) embraces the Commission’s ambition to phase out landfilling of recyclable and recoverable waste and urges the decision makers to promote Quality Recycling.
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