First vertical waste treatment plant for Singapore

Singapore’s first vertical waste incinerator, designed to dispose of hazardous waste and chemical waste while saving more space than conventional incinerators, will be ready in February 2017.
Gabi Schoenemann,
Gabi Schoenemann,

According to the National Environment Agency (NEA), the conveyance system is the only one in Singapore with a vertically designed combustor. „In comparison to conventional kilns, the fuel consumption and ash produced are reduced during the incineration process“, Akio Yoshinari, managing director of Dowa Eco-Systems, the company behind the technology.

As reported by the Strait Times, the facility will be able to process 72 tonnes of waste per day, treating not only toxic industrial waste, but also pharmaceutical and chemical waste.

„There is clearly a need to manage biomedical and pharmaceutical waste carefully in Singapore because if not properly disposed of, they could pollute the environment and become health hazards to the communities working or living in the vicinity“, Melissa Tan, the chairman of the Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore, points out.


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