Valmet supplies automation for waste-to-energy plant

The waste-to-energy plant Ferrybridge 2 will be engineered and constructed by Hitachi Zosen Inova (HZI).
Scottish and Southern Energy's new Ferrybridge 2 waste-to-energy facility in Knottingley, Wesr Yorkshire, UK, will be run with Valmet's automation technology.

The Ferrybridge 2 power plant will be built directly next to the recently completed Ferrybridge 1 plant that also uses Valmet technology. Using a thermal waste-to-energy process, the new plant will annually handle around 570.000 tonnes of waste-derived fuel from various sources, such as municipal solid waste, commercial and industrial waste and waste wood. The plant will produce enough energy to power around 170.000 homes.

Valmet’s delivery to control the new plant’s boiler, flue gas treatment and balance of plant will include a Valmet DNA automation system, an information management system, field engineering, commissioning and training.

This is the tenth time that HZI has chosen Valmet’s automation technology for its waste-to-energy plant projects. “HZI is pleased to continue its cooperation with Valmet, building on our long-standing relationship and the earlier success of both Ferrybridge 1 and previous projects”, says Douglas Else-Jack, Head of supply management at HZI.


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