Civic body to close garbage processing plant in India’s Chandigarh city

The Municipal Corporation of India's Chandigarh has decided to close a garbage processing plant in the city as it calls for a new process for converting the entire waste of the city into energy.
Dieter Schütz,

The civic body has called for an expression of interest from firms for carrying out this process from the same place, where the garbage processing plant is situated. The Jaypee Group runs the garbage processing plant at Dadu majra.

The garbage processing plant receives about 260 tonnes of garbage from the corporation. Jaypee Group produces refuse-derived fuel from the garbage and supplies to various power plants and cement plants. About 25% of the garbage is unprocessed.

Chandigarh Mayor Arun Sood said that “we are shifting from the existing technology and converting our garbage into energy.” “Obviously we will shut down the existing garbage processing plant,” added Mr. Sood.

The new technology will convert about 400 tonnes of garbage into power. Garbage from the neighbouring Panchkula or Mohali areas could be used if the waste of Chandigarh falls short of the desired amount, said Mr. Sood.

A biomethanation plant of 5-tonne capacity is already being set up at Industrial Area Phase 1 in the city. This plant will convert the organic waste of the city into methane, which can be used for various other purposes.

“This biomethanation project is at small scale,” said Mr. Sood. However, with the new project, “anybody can purchase power at the rate of Rs 7.90 paise per unit from the company,” added Mr. Sood.


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