Europe’s textiles sorting industry in crisis; urgent EU action needed

| The industry responsible for sorting discarded textiles for reuse and recycling is on the brink of collapse across Eu­rope, with urgent alarms ringing from the Netherlands, Germany, and the UK.

New sorting solution for textile recycling

| At IFAT, Redwave wants to launch Redwave Tex, a new sorting solution designed specifically for the textile industry.

BIR: Strong criticism of EU plans on waste shipments

| At the annual convention of the Bureau of International Recycling, all divisions criticized the EU Commission's plans for greater regulation of waste shipments: Restricting trade would endanger businesses and recycling.

Breaking new ground in Turkey’s textile industry

| Korteks, one of the world’s biggest yarn producers based in Bursa, Turkey, has started the production of recycled polyester filament yarn in its production facility using a Starlinger recycling line.

Euric specifications for textile handling and sorting

| New specifications from Euric Textiles provide information on how to handle and sort used textiles for optimized re-use and recycling. The publication is available on the Euric website.

Recycled Textiles as a Solution to Overfilling Landfills

| What are the recent trends, dynamics, and strategies of the recycled textile industry? Allied Market Research takes a look at the current scenario and also the post-Covid-19 impact for the industry.

Andritz to supply textile recycling Sweden

| Andritz has received an order from Renewcell to supply textile recycling equipment to its greenfield recycling plant in Sundsvall, Sweden. Start-up of the plant is scheduled for the first half of 2022.

Urgent break with fast fashion needed in upcoming EU textile laws

| 25 NGOs rebuff voluntary agreements to clean up the fashion industry, calling for the EU’s upcoming textile legislation to hold brands accountable for their contribution to global pollution.

Fully circular clothing industry in the Netherlands is possible

| Shifting to a full circular clothing industry in the Netherlands won't just impact the environment—it can also bring employment benefits, boosting job creation by as much as 25%.

New Project to drive Textile Recycling

| Fashion for Good launches the Sorting for Circularity Project to address textile recycling. Bringing together key brands and industry leaders from across Europe, the project aims to conduct a comprehensive textile waste analysis using accurate NIR technology, while also mapping textile recycler's capabilities.

Circular economy for the carpet industry

| B.I.G. Yarns promises a 75% recycled content yarn with no performance compromise with a circular, endlessly recyclable solution for contract, automotive and residential carpets. The product is said to have a high resource efficiency compared to virgin-based PA6 yarn.

“Business as usual” still a distant prospect for many textiles recyclers

| “The risks right now are much higher than the opportunities,” stated BIR Textiles Division President Martin Böschen of Switzerland-based TEXAID * Textilverwertungs AG in delivering his latest market summary to a divisional webinar on October 15.

Hyperspectral imaging reducing textile waste

| New EU guidelines for the recycling of fabrics and textiles have been in force since 2018. The aim of this very important project for the environment is to reuse all textiles worldwide from 2025.

First large-scale end-of-life textile refinement plant in Finland

| The Nordic countries’ first industrial end-of-life textile refinement plant will open in Paimio in 2021.

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