Recylex still in the red

The sales figures for the first half of 2015 were 10 per cent lower than the year before. The net income was -8.8 million Euro, also worse than in 2015.

The operating income before non-recurring items was slightly better, but with a loss of 7.4 million Euro still negative. “For the third six-month period in a row, the Group’s operating performance improved, notably in the Lead segment as a result of the measures taken since last year and in the Zinc segment, which benefited from the strong rise in zinc prices during the first half of 2015”, Yves Roche, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Recylex Group, explains. “Furthermore, Recylex successfully completed two major maintenance shutdowns at key plants in the Lead and Zinc segments. In the second half of 2015, given the current strong decline in commodity prices, the Group will be focused on its cash, its searches for financing and the project of a new production facility in the Lead segment which aims at enabling the segment’s sustainable profitability.”


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