New sorting technology for clean foil fractions

With the new sorter Unisort Film, the originally developed for fine-product sorting Active Object Control-System (AOC) can be utilized for larger particle sizes.

As in the case of small objects, the sorting of buoyant flat objects is governed by the motion behavior of the material being sorted in terms of material detection and ejection – having a substantial impact on purity and efficiency. AOC is a stabilisation system catering for defined motion paths controlling the material sorted, hence delivering a distinct improvement in quality of the final product. Stable motion of the objects even at double conveying speed results in higher throughput rates while enhancing efficiency of the system.

On account of its light weight and high space occupancy, plastic film sorted on a standard sorting machine is hindered by restrictions and reduced conveyor speeds. The AOC system engineered by RTT Steinert, and applied to the Unisort Film, facilitates considerably higher throughput rates combined with improved sorting quality. This is the only way of sorting buoyant objects, such as film, on feasible lines at all. Unisort Film is universally suitable for all functions involving the sorting of air worthy objects, e.g. paper and film, including agricultural film.


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