Recoup joins OPRL ownership

Recoup, the plastic packaging recycling body, is to join the expanding ownership of OPRL, which runs the increasingly popular packaging recycling label scheme. This latest development further extends ownership across bodies sharing OPRL’s mission to promote greater and more effective recycling of packaging materials. It aims to create a strong leadership position for industry on recycling issues.
Wolfgang Floedl,

OPRL and Recoup, whose members are from across the plastic production, supply, collection and recycling chain, have developed a positive working relationship in recent years. The move to a more formal arrangement signals greater collaboration in future as both organisations seek to maximise recycling of plastics packaging by engaging consumers more effectively.

An increasing number of local authorities are now collecting plastic pots, tubs and trays for recycling, meaning that these are likely to achieve Widely Recycled status as part of the 2016 OPRL Guidelines Review, alongside plastic bottles. Linking to OPRL will also reinforce the continued Recoup technical work on plastic packaging design, plastic collections and communications activities through the Pledge4Plastics campaign, enabling broader engagement with consumers.


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