Trainable robots for waste Sorting

The ZRR from Zenrobotics is now fully trainable, which means that operators can themselves train the robot to sort just about anything. The new feature enables customers to quickly react to changes in the waste. For the first time customers have full control of what is sorted.

“Unique ability to learn new fractions allows waste operators to quickly react when the incoming waste changes. Also, increased flexibility results in increased return on investment when waste operators can modify the sorting task based on market conditions” ZenRobotics CEO Timo Taalas, explains.

Zenrobotics’ customer Eberhard, located in Switzerland, has experienced the benefits: “Working with the ZRR allows us to respond quickly to changes in the quantities and properties of the input materials. For us it is important that the ZRR is flexible in sorting different kinds of materials under different conditions. At the end of the sorting process we want to have pure mineral matter without impurities which can then be used for recycled products. If there are impurities in the materials which have already passed through the ZRR, the system can later learn to recognise these impurities. We are able to train the robots to learn and handle different types of materials which makes the system useful and profitable for us.“


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