East African Community member nations agree to form Regional E-waste Management Committee

The East African Community (EAC) member nations have agreed to form a Regional E-waste Management Committee to tackle growing e-waste in the region. The Regional E-waste Management Committee will comprise of six nations- Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and South Sudan.
Siegfried Springer, pixelio.de

The Committee will deal with hazardous e-waste, and is expected to suggest a series of joint efforts in proper management and recycling of discarded electronics items. Likewise, it will also ease export of e-waste to neighboring countries for recycling and refurbishment, in addition to implementing joint steps to control importation of waste from developed countries.

Concerted efforts will be made to build e-waste recycling facilities.

In the meantime, many countries in the region have launched their own initiatives to promote responsible recycling of e-waste. On the other hand, many nations still do not have specific policies and mechanisms in place to tackle the problem of e-waste.

Moreover, the primary issue is the lack of infrastructure for systematic and safe collection and treatment of e-waste.

A Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report says that nearly 42 million tons of e-waste was produced across the world in 2014. It also highlights that much of the waste generated in developed countries end up in African countries such as Nigeria and Ghana. The report further forecasts the global e-waste volumes to touch 50 million tons by 2017.


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