Around 186,000 Russians sign Greenpeace’s petition to introduce separate waste collection, recycling till date

Russia has more than 41,000 square kilometers landfills area which is equal to the size of Switzerland, says Greenpeace. The non-governmental environmental organization recently ranked some of the country’s regions based on their waste programs wherein cities of Vladivostok, Vladimir, Yaroslavl, and Novosibirsk stood out as leaders in separate waste collection and recycling.,

The Plarus plant in Moscow is the only facility in the country that follows the bottle-to-bottle system in which the company creates new plastic bottles from used ones. The process involves endless recycling of a bottle into another one. The plant collects material from all over the country, including Krasnodar and Crimea.

Moscow has only 300 locations for dumping garbage despite having population more than 12 million. So far, plastics from separate collection accounts only 1% of the total recycled. Almost 90% of Moscow’s garbage goes to landfills, 6% is incinerated, and only 4% is processed.

Around 186,000 Russians have signed Greenpeace’s petition for the introduction of separate waste collection and recycling in every Russian region till date.


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