BIR appoints Special Advisor for Hong Kong Convention

With a view to enhancing the promotion and regional impact of BIR’s upcoming World Recycling Convention in Hong Kong, BIR President Ranjit Baxi has secured the support of Michael Lion.

Lion will be acting as Special Advisor during the preparation of this BIR event and share with the BIR Convention Department his knowledge of the Asian business community. He is the President of Everwell Resources Ltd of Hong Kong as well as President of Lion Consulting Asia Ltd, a company that until September 2016 exclusively consulted to Sims Metal Management Ltd for 18 years. During this time, Lion served as Chairman of Sims Metal Management Asia Ltd for eight years and as a member of the Sims Metal Management Ltd’s senior global management.

Lion has played a very active role in BIR since 1971. Currently, he serves as Chairman of BIR’s International Trade Council ITC and member of its Advisory Council. Prior to this, he held various positions, including several mandates as President of the Non-Ferrous Metals Division and Chairman of the Membership Committee.


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