Donaldson: Filtration technology for waste treatment

The filtration solutions presented at IFAT include the PowerCore CPC Series that comes with compact filter packs that handle high airflows and challenging particulate, and the Cased Dalamatic (DLMC) dust collector for light and fluffy dust applications.

According to Donaldson, a stand‐alone PowerCore CPC Series dust collector is up to 50% smaller than a traditional baghouse. It uses less floor space and fits into tight spaces. The dust collectors are available in a range of airflows from 1,189 to 56,067 m3/h. An optimized airflow management system delivers optimal pulse cleaning while minimizing airflow restriction.

The Dalamatic is a stand‐alone collector with support legs and hopper. It provides continuous filtration of high dust concentrations at high filtration velocities and constant levels of resistance in a range of airflows from 2,550 to 130,000 m3/h

One PowerCore® filter pack replaces up PowerCore CPC6 dust collector used to six 2.4 m standard fabric filter bags in glass recycling


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